Financial Assistance Resources

While The Hyper IgM Foundation cannot offer direct financial support to our patients and families we do recognize that there is much need for financial assistance both with co-pays for medical expenses as well as travel funds for treatments and transplants. We have compiled here a list of resources that our families can apply and research. These resources are not directly connected to our Foundation. We will update this page as we hear about new resources so check back for updates.


List of financial resources: 

United States or International Resources:

Jeffrey Modell Foundation – Roots and Wings

Bone Marrow Foundation

Chive Charities

Little Zebra Fund – Help funds genetic testing Medicine Assistance Tool 

PSI Patient Assistance Program (Co-Pay)  – May help with specific copays

Blood & Marrow Transplant Information Network (BMTInfoNet) – (email for details)

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation

Cerner Charitable Foundation 

Aubrey Rose Foundation

Baby Quest Foundation – Help Funding IVF/PGD


Care for Rare Foundation

UK Resources:

Family Fund UK 

    Know of a resource not listed here? Please let us know and email us. Thanks!
      Remember to take a close look at each reseriunces and confirm your eligibility on their website before applying for their grants